How Does This Work?

You submit music, we send you an offer to purchase your music, you accept or reject that offer. Repeat as needed.

What Kind of Music Do You Want?

Submitmusic.io accepts all types of recordings of any style or interpretation of music. To increase chances of higher valuation, you have the option to follow these guidelines. Submitmusic.io also offers free sample packs and other resources here.

How can I submit?

You can submit online at submitmusic.io or on the mobile app. We suggest that you use Dropbox, Google Drive, or iCloud to submit recordings.

Can I submit more than one recording?

Please start with submitting one at a time. You can apply for a bulk delivery partnership here. You can apply for an account here.

Can I submit recordings of cover songs?

Yes. Absolutely.

How long until I receive my valuation?

SubmitMusic responds by email with a valuation as fast as possible. Sometimes valuations occur minutes after submission. Sometimes it can take several days. All submissions receive a response. 

What does Submitmusic.io get out of this?

Submitmusic.io is built to pay creators the value of their recordings upfront. Submitmusic.io is modeled to catalog and distribute your recordings to create value greater than the sum of its parts. It starts with you!

I have more questions

Email ask@submitmusic.io with any questions. We suggest you experiment by submitting a ‘test recording’ to learn more. You can also sign up for occasional updates and other resources here.