Submission Guidelines – What is SubmitMusic Looking For?

SubmitMusic is a new platform that seeks to purchase original music from all different kinds of music creators. The idea of SubmitMusic is to build out an all encompassing music library filled with scraps and pieces of ideas that artists/producers/songwriters may not want and get money in their pockets for it. SubmitMusic will also gladly accept sounds from non-musicians. Anyone with a recorder or phone can submit tracks and get an offer from us! However, there are a few rules that one must follow in order to receive an offer:



100% Original Content

SubmitMusic will only accept 100% original content. That means no samples, ripped beats, stolen vocals, or any cover songs. If you’re submitting a field of recording and copyrighted audio is in it, we will reject it. Everything you submit must be original and 100% yours. If you do not follow these rules, your account can get a strike or be banned from the platform. 


No Leased Beats

If you’ve leased a beat, and you’re allowed to use it on a song, unfortunately we still cannot accept it. Often, leased beats will be given to other artists and even if they are exclusive they will only last a specific amount of time. 


Unreleased Music Only

Only unreleased music is allowed to be submitted on the website. If you own a recording that is 100% yours but you’ve released it, unfortunately we cannot purchase it. Release music will result in an automatic rejection when submitted on our platform


Recordings Must Be 30 Seconds Or Longer

SubmitMusic will only accept music that is greater or equivalent to 30 seconds in length. Anything submitted that is below will result in an automatic rejection.



SubmitMusic is looking for any and all genres of music! However, be sure to put the correct genre when you’re submitting your tracks. If it’s an instrumental, is it a hip-hop track? Or is it acoustic? Rather than putting just instrumental, you may want to put ‘instrumental hip-hop’.


No Abrupt Endings

Please do not submit recordings with abrupt endings or ones that simply cutoff.


No Silence More Than 4 Seconds at the End of A Song and 1 Second at The Beginning of The Song

We cannot accept silence greater than 4 seconds at the end of a song. This will result in an auto-rejection from us. This is mainly due to quality control issues with our distributors and clients.


No ‘Producer Tags’

If you are submitting a beat, do not include any producer tags or it will be automatically rejected.


Technical Requirements

-Stereo tracks only
-Only submit .WAV or .MP3
-WAVs should be bounced at 44.1 kHz and 16 bit depth
-Do not submit duplicates
-Should be shorter than 10 minutes, although longer tracks are allowed.
-No more than 1 second of silence at the beginning


Overall, Submit music is looking for 100% original and unreleased recordings. Be aware that if you do sell beats to SubmitMusic, you are selling all of your rights associated with the song including your songwriting and master rights. We want to work with you if you have anything that would fit in the criteria above. If you still have questions about your track or what you can and cannot submit, feel free to reach out and ask us questions!


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