What is SubmitMusic?

The answer is easy: SubmitMusic will accept and review any kind of music you create! 


However, you may want to be aware of how SubmitMusic will value recordings and what kind of genres we’re specifically looking to curate on our website. For broader submission and quality guidelines, you may want to review our article “Submission Guidelines – What is SubmitMusic Looking For?” when you’re submitting your tracks for certain specifications.


One thing to keep in mind is that SubmitMusic is currently set up to purchase all of your rights to each recording. Meaning once you sell your music, all rights associated with it will be sold. If you’re an avid music creator and are going to delete some ideas or tracks, you may want to send them to SubmitMusic and possibly make some money instead. We’re set up to buy your scraps, the unwanted material you have lying around that you don’t know what to do with. Typically, our offers range from $1-$20, but we’re always open to valuing higher if the recording is right. Submit Music isn’t even just for musicians – if you have some lovely field recordings that you took of the river behind your house, we’ll gladly accept those as well! Here’s a brief summary of some kinds of tracks SubmitMusic is looking to purchase:



Ideally, we’re looking for instrumental music (no vocals). We’ll take anything from your hip hop beats, dance tracks, or even relaxing synth tones. Any scraps or ideas you may have, we’ll review and send an offer!



Feel free to hit the record button when you sit down at your instrument of choice and send some tracks over to us. We’ll gladly accept any improvisational tracks you have!


Field Recordings

Going on a hike? Do you have your phone with you? Take some sound recordings and send them to us! Certain sounds (like a river or ocean waves) are accepted by SubmitMusic and are relatively easy to take. For more information about best practices when taking field recordings, check out our article on it.


Overall, we’d love to listen to any recording you submit, but we’ll only send valuations on recordings we feel that we’ll be able to work with. If you’re still curious about Submit Music and what kinds of clients we’d like to work with, feel free to reach out.

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